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  2. 關于我們


    Chuzhou Xinye Optoelectronics Technology Co




    Chuzhou has been praised as the strategic gateway of Jinling and the significant guarantee for Jianghuai area. Chuzhou Xinye aims with efforts for foothold in times with innovation-driven development.

    Chuzhou Xinye Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in January 1999 and moved to Chuzhou in June 2016, which formerly named Nanjing Xinye Optics Instrument Factory.

    After more than 20 years of honed, Xinye has been adhering to the development concept of innovation and enterprising. Moreover, Xinye is always committed to providing customers with all kinds of high-quality optical instrument accessories and technical solutions. Up to now, Xinye has developed into one of the high-tech enterprises which assembles independent design, production, and sales, etc.

    Proficient in manufacture and efficient at management.

    Xinye practices the development strategy of "innovation-driven, win-win situation", and continuously upgrades the enterprise operation management mechanism. There are seven core departments set up, including New Product R & D department, Mechanical Processing Department, Mechanical Assembly Department, Optical Manufacturing Department, Optical Lens Assembly Department, Quality Control Department and Sales Department, which leads to the business pattern of "survival on quality, innovation for development, benefit from management and market by service".

    Keep improving, keep exacting.

    Xinye has been integrating the spirit of craftsman into every step of precision machining, parts assembly and optical manufacturing.

    There are equipped with 10 Five-axis machining centers and 56 Japanese precision CNC lathes, also imported a number of optical manufacturing equipment, including 43 optical polishing equipment and 10 edging machines from South Korea, furthermore, Xinye has already passed the ISO14001, ISO9001 international environment and quality certification system.

    Keeping pace with the requirement of the era, and creating an industry-leading operating model.

    Xinye has established an ultra-precision optical lens assembly production line to produce high-quality lens have been obtained a number of national technology patents, including high-end semi-recovery biological lens, semi cancelling bright and dark field metallographic objective, semi cancelling large aperture fluorescent objective, semi cancelling inverted fluorescent cover glass adjustable objective, 95mm cancelling metallographic objective and other products with excellent quality.

    In near future, Xinye will launch more high-end objective lens such as Super-resolving large-aperture high-resolution fluorescent biology and fluorescence metallographic objective lens, which will support services for high-end telemedicine, bio-slice scanning and automatic chemical detection equipment.

    Strict control, quality first.

    Xinye focuses on product quality control, and advanced high-end testing equipment has been equipped to ensure quality of products, such as ZEISS MICURA, FUJINON F601, ZYGO's Verifire?, German Double-glued three-glued center partial component detector, German optical lens center thickness non-contact measuring instrument, German auto high-precision gluing instrument, German high-precision optical material measuring instrument, etc.

    Xinye's products have been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad,which benefits from professional technical research and development capabilities, advanced manufacturing technology and a sound quality control management.

    Non-stop on development and improvement.

    In the coming future, Xinye will continue to be committed to building the brand of China's photoelectric industry with the world's trust.

    Based on the market, the customers’ requirements will be regarded as the standards, and Xinye will set up the industry image in excellent quality and customer satisfaction.


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